Six Months in Hiding

by Rare Form

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released May 30, 2016


Thyme Nord: keyboards, synthesizers, pianos, vocals, loops, samples, mixing

Ryan Beitler: guitars, loops, tape loops, bows, screwdriver, behringer 2442, samples, mixing

Erol Ulug: sound engineering, producing, mixing, mastering



all rights reserved


Rare Form California

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Track Name: You're Safe Here
Come now quiet child.
Come now quiet child.

Come now quiet child.
Come now quiet child, you’re safe here for a while.

I remember you in the backseat.
How you talked so much back then.
Track Name: The Train to Marathon
Unten fallen, fallen jetzt.
Es gibt klein Licht in ihren Gesichtern.

(Falling down, falling down again.
There is no light in their faces.)

Nehmen die Kindern mit nach Hause.
Ich will ohne sie zu sein.
Ich werde nicht hier sein, wenn Sie zurück.

(Take the children home with you.
I want to be without them.
I will not be here when they return.)

Ich verschwinden.
Ich verschwinden.

(I disappear.
I disappear.)
Track Name: Closet
Take a long walk and know me.
Keep your eyes shut.

Press your palms to each other, and lace your fingers together.
Put your light in my chest.

Forget your hunger, forget your thirst.
Crawl inside your body. Let the fire die.

It’s a long walk.
Take a long walk.

I know where you sleep.
I know where you feed.
Track Name: Jailbait
Lonely, dare you say.
Only, dare I say.

Hungry for today.
Feed me always.

On to you.
Watch me, what you do.

So far from near and dear.
Always so far from here.

Buy me cigarettes.
I’m untouchable.
Take me where the sun won’t shine.

Tell me your regrets.
You’re invincible.
Teach me how to make you mine.

Near and dear, so far from here.